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About Jesse Stay

Jesse Stay, "The Social Geek", studies and learns about new business-altering paradigm shifts in technology, and shows businesses how to embrace these paradigm shifts before their competition does. He has written 6 books, helped design some of the top apps on Facebook through his specialty of "social design" and "growth hacking", and has consulted and worked for multi-national organizations and companies including Facebook, Inc. itself to help them improve their marketing and social media strategies. Jesse has grown Facebook Pages in the millions for multiple organizations and individuals using a few simple techniques in Facebook marketing and ad strategy. He has tripled traffic on websites through Google+ authorship and integration strategy, and performed similar for other clients using his special "hub and spoke" technique of social presence strategy. In his books, blogs, webinars, and coaching, Jesse teaches his audiences that anyone can be a marketer. He has since been recognized as one of the top 20 developers to follow on Twitter by Mashable next to Jack Dorsey, and top 10 entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter by Mashable and Entrepreneur magazine next to Ev Williams, Biz Stone, and Guy Kawasaki.
Jesse started as a software developer, programming computers since he was 10 years old living in Jakarta, Indonesia. An entrepreneur at heart, he discovered a desire to grow audiences and customers for the apps he built, but lacked the skills to do so. His only option was to go out and hire an expensive marketer, SEO, or social media professional to help with app growth. He decided this needed to change, and applied his software skills to a proven program for cultivating and growing large audiences that convert.
Jesse now speaks internationally, writes books, performs webinars and coaches for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to take their marketing to that next level using social media and other techniques. Through his new program, "Everyone a Marketer", Jesse shows his clients that anyone can be a marketer, and he can help you grow audiences and revenue through those audiences as well! 
You can follow Jesse at, or subscribe to his regular tips through the newsletter on this site! Book a one-on-one coaching session with him at!

Jesse's Clients, Advisory Roles, and Former Clients Include, among others:
  • Facebook, Inc.
  • Myspace, Inc.
  • (owned by Blogtalkradio)
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Pluralsight
  • FamilyLink
  • i.TV
  • JumpStart
  • OpenID Foundation
  • PeopleBrowser (now Kred)
  • (
  • Fluid Studios
Jesse's Speaking Roles Include:
  • Keynote Speaker - LDS SORT Conference
  • Keynote Speaker - Nevada Interactive Media Summit, Reno, Nevada
  • Keynote Speaker - TMeetup, San Francisco, CA
  • Keynote Speaker - LDS America West Public Affairs Conference, Fremont, CA
  • TYPO3 Conference, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Social Media Marketing World, San Diego, CA
  • Facebook Success Summit
  • Social Media Success Summit
  • Small Business Success Summit
  • Next Level Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
  • Brigham Young University Hawaii, Honolulu, HI
  • Dallas Chamber of Commerce CIO Symposium, Dallas, TX
  • Silicon Valley Web Builders Inside Facebook Event, San Francisco, CA
  • Ignite Salt Lake City
  • O’Reilly Author Webinars
  • Safari Books Online Author Webinars
  • Panel, Utah Technology Council
  • Panel, Utah Global Entrepreneurship Week Conference
  • Guest Judge, Bebo’s B.E.S.T. Developer Contest, San Francisco, CA
  • Panel, Social Media Club alongside Frank Eliason ( @comcastcares)
  • PhotoCamp Utah
  • Brigham Young University, Sundance, UT
  • Panel, TMeetup Alongside Ben Parr from Mashable, Doug Williams and Ryan Sarver from Twitter and others in Silicon Valley
  • BlogWorld Expo, Las Vegas, NV


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